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Commissioning planning & execution services for hyperscale data centres.

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An individual group of Engineers

At Imagine The Future Consulting, we strive to make the built environment a better place for our clients. We are not just Engineers; we are project managers. We collaborate with multiple stakeholders and we recognise the unique skill set required to deliver our services. Our staff are hand picked for their experience in the industry and we cross-pollinate our knowledge through internal collaboration. We are leveraging new technology and developing processes to optimise the way projects are delivered.

About ITF
Our Services

Services for mission critical facilities

We specialise in Commissioning (Cx) Planning and Execution services for Hyperscale Data Centers including mission critical facilities. This ranges from working at a program level with the client to develop new strategies around their technology to working with vendors to establish the correct testing procedures. We offer an end to end approach in the delivery of your project.


Our own in-house developed planning app

Called Cx Tools, our in-house developed app provides a direct link to your project management planning software. Our software allows the site team to update project schedules directly and manage day to day activities using our bespoke event management tools. It also provides updated calendar invites to individuals or groups within the project.

Cx Tools

Make commissioning an integral part of your delivery model

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